Mazatlan 2012

Torres Mazatlan Resort
Torres Mazatlan is an excellent choice when staying in Mazatlan for a longer period of time. We book through Vacation Internationale. You can find more information at



Mazatlan Market Tour
Let me take you on a tour of two very popular markets in Mazatlan. The first is called Pino Suarez in the central/historic district. It’s a large indoor market with many vendors selling fresh produce, meats and even clothing and souvenirs. When you’re looking for something a little more familiar, Mega Market might fit the bill. Right next to Sam’s Club, Mega has lots of familiar offerings. They even have good coffee!



Topolo Restaurant
Topolo is set in a gorgeous indoor garden. Their fire-roasted tomato salsa is made table-side every evening. You can see how they make it by clicking on the video. For more information visit their website at



Panchos Restaurant
 Panchos is a two-story restaurant on the beach with gorgeous views. In this video I’ll show you how they make their famous “Banana Flambé”. For more information visit their website at

Jose and Louis are outside Panchos nearly every night offering horseback rides at sunset. Their prices are less expensive than some of the larger companies in Mazatlan.

recipe: PANCHOS FAMOUS Banana Flambé


Rico’s Coffee House
Rico’s coffee and Mexican hot chocolate are so delicious. I dream of these drinks when I’m back in the states. Ricos has at least 3 locations in Mazatlan. They serve breakfast, lunch and pastries along with their drinks. For more information visit their website at



Easy Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Dad’s Famous Guacamole Recipe

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